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Product Name
A chlorine-difluoroethane (R142b)
Physical Properties
Formula CH3CCLF2
Molecular Weight 100.49
Boiling point / ℃ -9.6
Critical temperature / ℃ 137.1
Critical pressure / Mpa 4.12
Liquid Density (25 ℃) / (kg / m3) 1096
Heat of vaporization / latent heat of vaporization (boiling point, 1atm), kJ / kg 215
Combustion limit (air) /% (by volume) 8.5~14
Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) 0.065
Global Warming (GWP100) 2000
Quality Index
Appearance Colorless and transparent, not cloudy
Odor Odorless
Purity% ≥99.8
Ppm moisture content ≤10
Evaporation residue ppm ≤100
Non-condensable gas (V / V)% ≤1.5
Acidity (as HCL) ppm ≤ 1
Filling factor
Refillable welded cylinders: 99kg, 790kgL, 990kg; mobile tank (ISO TANK)
Packaging logo
Flammable gases
UN Number
R142b refrigerant chillers for high temperature environment, the heat pump working fluid and temperature sensing element media. And R22 mixed (60:40 weight ratio), replace R22 as a blowing agent.
Storage and transportation
R142b refrigerant cylinders for pressurized containers should be stored away from fire, heat, avoid direct sunlight, usually put storage in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse; handling with care, light disposal to prevent damage to the cylinder and valves and other accessories .



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