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Thailand Aohong Chemical Co., Ltd started in November, 2013


       Aohong (Thailand) Chemical Co., Ltd is the joint venture between Shanghai Aohong Chemical Co., Ltd and THAI RHODEN RUBBER CO., LTD, which was established on Nov 22, 2013. Thailand Aohong focuses on research and development, blending-production, sub-filling, and sale of all kinds of refrigerants. The sales region covers ASEAN and others which the two parties agree. The total investment amounts to USD1900000.00. The Thailand party accounts for 51% of the total investment, and China party accounts for 49%. The project covers 20 acres, which was started construction in Dec, 2013, and will be completed in May, 2014.






Aohong Thai-Rhoden Refrigerant (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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